The Open Society Foundations

The George Soros Foundation screenshotSoros.org is the flagship website for the Open Society Foundations. Built in Drupal, this theme was one of the most complex that I have worked on. In addition to building large portions of the theme and many JavaScript interactions, my role was to advise the technical lead on CMS architecture decisions and to ensure quality from the junior developers on the project.

US House of Representatives Platform

US House of Representatives Platform screenshotWhen the freshman representatives took office in January 2011, each one of them needed a website. A platform was developed where each representative could quickly choose one of several themes with predefined templates that they could use for their website. For this project I managed the development of over a dozen Drupal themes, collaborated directly with the client, supervised four developers, and built two of the themes myself on an aggressive schedule.

Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington

Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington screenshotOur team took on the website build for the Art Directors Club as a show of goodwill to the DC art community. We wanted to demonstrate that art and technology can work well together. I developed the theme for this Drupal site, which integrated with CiviCRM.

Thomson Reuters Fresh

Thomson Reuters Fresh screenshotFresh was a prototype web application developed in collaboration with Thomson Reuters designed to display financial data and news related to various companies. I developed the front-end component to this application which was executed using only JavaScript and jQuery. The front-end would receive JSON data from an API via an AJAX request and dynamically generate a template using the data received. Fresh made use of the jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, featuring animations, pop-ups, drag and drop widgets, and AJAX.

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy screenshotThe Office of National Drug Control Policy is a sub-section of whitehouse.gov. I collaborated on this section of the site, which integrated with the White House's Drupal 6 website. My work included extending the Drupal theme to accommodate the design, as well as developing JavaScript widgets for the site.

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security screenshotI developed the Drupal theme for the Department of Homeland Security's public-facing website. The theme was modeled after a similar one I developed for OpenPublic. Technologies used for this project included CSS, HTML, PHP, and jQuery.

Phase2 Design Studio

Phase2 Design Studio screenshotPhase2DesignStudio.com was a marketing site developed to promote Phase2 Technology. This site was one very long page with an ornate design. Keeping the page load time down to a minimum was a unique challenge that I was able to solve using creative techniques. It also features several fun JavaScript Easter egg animations. You can read more about how I solved these challenges in my blog post.


FEMA screenshotI collaborated on the Drupal theme for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's public-facing website. Technologies used for this project included CSS, HTML, PHP, and jQuery.

NYSE Client Connect

NYSE Client Connect screenshotClient Connect was a portal developed for the New York Stock Exchange designed to integrate two separate CRMs they used. I collaborated on the front-end of the application which was built entirely in JavaScript. Client Connect relied heavily on AJAX to integrate with a back-end API. The page was then dynamically generated from the JSON data using JavaScript.

Drupal Contributions

OpenPublish screenshotI developed a number of themes for the OpenPublish and OpenPublic open source Drupal distributions. I also managed the maintenance of the Rubik and Tao Drupal themes from 2011 to 2012. Together, these themes and distributions have been used in hundreds of websites world-wide.

SemanticBits corporate website

SemanticBits ScreenshotI designed and built the public facing website for SemanticBits, LLC. I drew the website in Photoshop, and implemented it using a combination of PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the jQuery library.


The Cancer Adverse Event Reporting System is a web application being developed for the National Cancer Institute. It will help them track adverse events that inevitably happen to patients on a clinical trial. I designed the logo and look of this application using Photoshop, and built the look of it in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries, and JSTL (Java's front-end JSP language).